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So I changed my major successfully and it looks like I’ll be graduating next fall (still good news, although I was SO hoping that it would be in the spring). I have a LOT to do for graduate school though. In fact, the list I received from OSU is very, very long! I may possibly have to take my GRE this semester! And I need to find three people to write letters of reference… my Korean professor will, for one. But the other two, I have no idea!!!!


And I discovered that the program I thought they did they don’t, so I’ll be doing a Japanese Literature program with (hopefully) a minor in some kind of Korean. AHHHHHH!!!

*freaking out*


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So, things are still getting into their groove. It’s a little crazy. H1N1 is sweeping through the University and also my son’s first grade class. We’re all a “little” sick, but thankfully nothing major. I hope to keep it that way. I’m already feeling behind. I created a list of all the kanji from Genki II (complete with index) and so I hope it will be helpful. Right now I’m trying to get these fifteen Korean phrases to stay in my head!! It’s not going so well. I need to be able to write, read, and speak them by 3.30pm this afternoon. Eerrrk. Most of them I can almost get, but there’s one (오늘은 이만 하겠어요) that I just can’t seem to remember for the life of me. I have three hours from the end of my lit class to really cram though–and I’m sure that’s more than enough time. I have my computer so I can listen to the phrases and I have my list of them written out. One big problem is that I need also to finish my homework (just the listening parts I think) so I can hand it in at the start of class. The class is moving forwards pretty rapidly–it’s very exciting.

I decided that I really do want Korean to be my second language with Japanese my third. I was accepted into OSU so know that I have a place whenever we move. I’m currently accepted into the Japanese program and if we move there soon, I would totally add on a Korean minor. That way when I get to MA level, I can just switch the two around and major in Korean with a Japanese minor. It’s kind of crazy. I don’t know why I’ve switched like this… probably because we have Korean family and we’d ultimately all like to speak it at home every day and be bilingual. I hope we can… it would be very awesome.

I really need to study harder and better. I need to go over my Japanese (again) and get the kanji and phrases down for the first couple of chapters of the new book–as well as working on the self-introduction that I’m SURE we’ll be required to do. I also need to do at least a couple of hours of Korean every day (which is difficult trying to fit it in) and I have exams in linguistics and literature this week. CRAZY!!!

Anyway… I must update this blog better. I guess I’ll be posting about both Japanese and Korean here!! YAY! Exciting!

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So… busy…. brain… melting!

It’s really crazy. I have so much work–and trying to keep up with Japanese on top of Korean is a little daunting. However, I’ve decided (hopefully) that Korean will end up being my first language (well, technically second) and Japanese after that. Of course, I’d like to be fluent in both–but with my husband being half-Korean, we’d like to speak it at home and eventually spend some significant time in Korea. At this point, I am REALLY hoping that we can move to Columbus (even before I graduate with my BA) so that I can enroll in the Japanese and Korean major/minor there. That way, I can progress straight through to the MA program with no problem. Regardless, I hope we can move so I can do my MA there (and it looks like we will at least be able to do that), especially since OSU has one of the best Asian language programs in the country.

I hope I’ll be able to update this with a proper entry soon!! If things ever slow down any!

안녕히 가세요.

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