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Cornelius (born 小山田 圭吾) was a member of the pop duo Flipper’s Guitar, one of the key groups of the Tokyo Shibuya-kei scene. Following the disbandment of Flipper’s Guitar in 1991, Oyamada donned the “Cornelius” moniker and embarked on a successful solo career. Cornelius’s musical style is similar to Beck’s, whom he acknowledges as an influence along with The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Primal Scream and the Brazilian band Kassin + 2, among others.

I don’t know my result from our Korean exam, but I think I did relatively okay. I don’t have any grammar etc. today as I’ve been sick but I’ll post something worthwhile tomorrow–promise!! ^^;



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I found a new website, wacca.fm. It’s awesome. It has many cool Japanese bands who offer music to download. Some of it is Creative Commons licensed, which means you can use it in videos on YouTube, for example, without getting copyright violation. As the site itself says:

I have started downloading their podcast directly to iTunes and it’s SuperAwesome. =D Lots of shiny new music every week!! It’s great (and legal). I find that J-music is hard to find anywhere really. So this site fills me with random joy!!

I have been going over the new Intermediate Japanese textbook and it’s a little confusing in the layout (but most of it is in Japanese and the grammar points are limited to a sentence or two of explanation (unlike the page or half a page in Genki) and a couple of example sentences. I think I like it better–since it really taxes my brain. I also discovered that renshuu.org have the book–so I can study the lessons over there. That makes everything so much easier. A place with kanji and grammar quizzes that I can utilize without having to create those lists myself. Of course, one of the ways I study (especially kanji) is written repetition… so I’ll still be writing plenty!!!


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