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So, I’ve had this:

White Rabbit Kanji Poster

HUGE kanji poster stuck on my wall for months now. I stare at it in wonder relatively often, but that’s about as far as it goes. It’s all the JLPT kanji in order and with readings. It… kind of freaks me out though. I started going through them today from the beginning and got further than I honestly thought I’d get, but not far enough! One good thing is that the colors also correspond to the flash card sets (I believe… I haven’t fully tested this hypothesis) and so once I get fully organized (hahaha!!) I will be all set to go.


But, being sick has thrown a spanner in just about every works possible. I now have two Korean tests back to back on Monday (I’m not that worried, really) but also a TON of homework for the class (which I haven’t done with being ill). Being so busy (and learning another language) is really impacting my Japanese learning. I’m not sure what to do about that though. I’d love to be trilingual, but somehow I don’t think it’s going to happen.

We’ll see.

Anyway, time for medication and hot tea (I am really craving the bamboo-leaf tea 김선생님 shared with us a couple of weeks ago).



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So, today I’ve been hit with more of the flu… but it gave me a chance to sort through my “White Rabbit Press” flash cards for the Level 3 JLPT. These cards are AWESOME! Volume 1 is the complete set of Kanji required for Levels 3 & 4.

  • Each card includes 6 vocab words/phrases including commonly used kanji compounds
  • Contains all the kanji for JLPT Levels 3 & 4
  • Includes each character’s on and kun readings
  • Easy and fun to use—perfect for study and drilling
  • Japanese all in kana and kanji, with clear definitions in English

Because the cards also only use kana for kanji readings it really allows practice of the essential aspects of Japanese. I was surprised by how many of the 300+ I already knew. I’ve had the cards for a while but haven’t really utilized them, which is a shame. Now they’re all sorted and ordered (they’re actually color coded, though I’m not sure around what since when I was sorting them out some of the green “easy” kanji cards were in the Level3 and not the easier 4 as I would have thought). I definitely recommend these though. Everyone I’ve talked to who has become fluent has stressed the importance of taking flashcards EVERYWHERE with you… on the bus, the train, in the line and the grocery or bank… anywhere and everywhere.

So, I’ll be flashing regularly @_@

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