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I finally did it!

I moved my blog from a wordpress.com hosted blog to a self-hosted. There are a couple of reasons for this, the main one being the ability to use javascript and to have more control over the design and layout of my blog…

So, please, please change your bookmarks and find Zephyr over at http://golden-zephyr.com/


(The site is still under construction, but most of it is up and active… so please browse around =^.^= )


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I am still very sick. Had no Korean test or class and have been off the rest of the week so far. Feeling pretty bad.

Wish I felt well enough to update… losing readers!

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I’m super sick so this won’t be long. I counted my books yesterday, I only have about 32, plus three boxes of flashcards and a humongous kanji wall poster, and a matching card game. Starsquid wins. I should post the covers and so forth, but I’m just not feeling well enough.

A phrase useful in such situations is:

元気出して! cheer up / feel better!!

I hope to be back in commission tomorrow. Since I return to school and have a Korean test!


But, now I retire to my bed to die a slow and flu-ey death…


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I have had such a busy week again–more Korean tests, outlines of presentations due, writing portfolio due, and today a linguistics exam from hell (morphemes, allomorphs, phenomes, monogenesis, morphology, prescriptive and descriptive grammar, the list is endless…. *head asplode*)

But, I have a long weekend (YAY) and will update more than once!! That’s a promise!! LOL

Well, I’ve been up since 4am and haven’t had any coffee yet… so I’m going to go and do that and get ready to leave for the dreaded exam-I’m-not-ready-for!

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Greetings, in both Korean and Japanese, are very different to those in English. For example, usually we just say “hello!” or “How are you?” or “Nice to see you” no matter the time of day or the person we’re speaking to. In both Japanese and Korean there are many more rules about what to say and to whom.

For example, in Japanese greetings are largely dependent on the time of day:

おはようございます = good morning

こんにちは = good afternoon (said after about 11am)

こんばんは = good evening (said after about 4pm)

as well as the “level” of the person you’re talking to.

おはよう = to a friend or one of lesser standing (a senior to a junior)

おはようございます = to anyone of higher standing (boss, teacher etc)

Korean too has different ways of addressing people.

안녕하세요? = are you well? can be said to anyone, usually those of higher standing.

안녕= only to friends or those of lesser standing.

Neither language specifically addresses “you”. Often they omit “you” and “I” when it’s (supposedly) obvious. However, sometimes in conversation this can present problems. If you don’t know whether the person is of higher standing or not (are they a professor or are they a graduate student?) the best thing to do is simply opt for polite (but not overly so) address until you can discern where they lie on the “politeness-spectrum”.

And something completely unrelated:

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So, after a little investigation, I found out that I can probably switch my major to “International Studies” with a focus in Asia. The degree audit I did myself said I only need 30 more hours total and 26 hours at 300+ to graduate.


What? I was looking at YEARS with my other major–and even though I’d asked about this, no one said anything about it. I was sort of shepherded into the whole “integrative studies” area (which is sooo much harder and means less when I graduate!) So I am very happy!! I emailed the department and I’ll probably visit to make an appointment tomorrow (as well as have that meeting with my Korean professor). It’s going to be a big day all around. I’m hoping that the information I get from the program is favorable. There are some classes that haven’t transferred which I think can possibly be a part of this degree. I’m going to fight for them to be a part of it, that’s for sure.

So, all in all I’m feeling a million times better. As of right now I’m definitely dropping Japanese (since I don’t *need* it and it’s a lot of extra work and driving… and there are other reasons I’m not going into). It seems like everything is starting to pan out a little better. I’m going to continue working on my Japanese, just at a slower pace than I was going to have to do with this class…


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So… wow. School is kind of crazy. I’m taking Korean, Japanese, English Lit, Linguistics, and Creative Writing. Japanese doesn’t start until next month–so  have a little breathing room at least for a while. Korean is fun. We’re done learning vowels and some consonants and have 2 pages of homework and a quiz for Monday. Not bad really. It’s going to get insane when Japanese starts up though!! EEk.

eeeeeh 疲れているね。

I’m gonna head for now… I’ll post something more substantial soon, I promise. Getting back into the swing of it is killing me!!!

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