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Things have been super crazy–hence the lack of blog posting! I pimped out Maggie Sensei this week and had some good feedback about that (and several questions about why I’m pitching someone else’s site and not my own!! I just think it’s a really good place to start, continue, or end! LOL).

I got my Korean exam grade back… *drum roll* … I got 100% !!! =^.^=  yeah! So I am extremely happy about that.

I’ve been watching 꽃보다 남자 (known as 花より男子 in Japan) and at first I was completely put off by the difference (I loved the characters in the Japanese version, so getting used to the Korean actors was a bit… difficult). The plot line has some major deviations and I was intrigued by those too. Now I’m on episode 15 and finally liking everything about it!


I was unsure about 구혜선 as the lead female character (금잔디), but I think I’ve finally accepted her! 井上真央 was so good as the corresponding role in the Japanese version that I was a bit… let down at first with the Korean attempt at this. However, 꽃보다 남자 is just a new series in Korea (airing earlier this year) and so it isn’t as established as the Japanese version (plus the original was from the corresponding manga).

I’m already finding that I can understand many of the words they’re saying to each other. In some of the episodes the subtitles have been slightly delayed, so I’ve tried to work out as they speak. It’s pretty awesome!

It’s frustrating that this is the only “immersion” I get in the language though, and that makes becoming fluent hard. I know some people who’ve done it though, and I plan to talk to them about it soon–and I will definitely update this blog with all that information (one person has lived in Korea for 20 years and is now a Korean citizen, and the other lives in the US and is married to my Korean professor–but he had to learn all by himself other than a little help from her!!)

Anyway, I’m off to finish this 酒 and have some more kimchi



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After yesterdays book buying adventure, レベッカ and I are heading to the airport later to pick up a Japanese student. It should be fun. Except that ジャスチン is also going and he’s a PITA. For real. We made a sign so she knows who we are, haha, and we’re going to hopefully try some of our Japanese out to make her feel welcome. I’m a little nervous since conversation is definitely my worst point.

Which means I’m also nervous about the class this fall. Conversation and composition. The writing part I can handle. The talking part? Not so much. I’m terrified of sounding stupid or saying something completely offensive. Or both. Possibly both. At the same time…


I was trying to find images of some pages of the new Japanese book I got, but there aren’t any, so I’ll have to upload them myself. Which means I have to scan them and my son is on the computer with the scanner–so probably have to wait a while. So, instead I give you:

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Sometimes, I get so frustrated with my inability to actually say what I mean in Japanese. It drives me insane. I’ve found that while I think I am getting better, my writing skills seem to be pretty much the same regardless. I don’t know. I feel like I know more things but seem unable to put them to use. Perhaps I’m just overthinking things? =sigh=

In other news, I watched “Ramen Girl” the movie with Brittany Murphy last night. It’s a pretty cool movie, and really quite surprising. Here’s the trailer:

Anyway, I’m off to shower and then attempt to study.

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