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A comment I got today sent me to one of the nicest blogs I’ve seen in a while:


I haven’t really had a chance to browse through it, but I really like what I’ve seen so far and will be spending some quality time checking it out tomorrow…

But for now, I have to get to bed!


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Today… I am feeling a little overwhelmed. I have my whole dining table full of books. Japanese books and papers… and not an idea where to start. I’ve been watching the J-Drama 「アイシテル」and it’s very sad. I love it though. It’s really helping me focus on spoken Japanese–something I’m not very good at yet. Eesh. There’s a lot I’m not good at yet… LOL

I don’t know what to do with myself today. Probably nothing. I feel so blah. Mixed excited and nervous for school starting. I looked at the workbook for Intermediate Japanese yesterday, and it’s a little… confusing (just like the main text). The audio CD really helps though. I guess we’ll get used to it in the class. I wish I’d get my disbursement back–then I could sign up for the 3きゅう。

Okay, well… more coffee is needed and an action plan…


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Tonight I am very upset about my school. It’s podunk at best and I’m having a hard time getting the classes I need. I feel so stuck and so limited. I bounce around Japanese programs and find it so… off-putting. I really need consistency. I’d love to get into the Japanese program at OSU, but that depends on my husbands business and how that does and whether we can sell our house and move to Columbus. All in all, the options are limited and I’m frustrated. I was so excited for school – until I realized that only my Japanese class counts this semester (towards my foci) and that there aren’t enough classes to complete an area focus in Japanese. It’s so annoying.

I think I’m going to try and study myself… then take the JLPT exams and see how I can do. They’re more important for jobs etc, and if I can just get enough to graduate then I can go into an MA. Except if I can get JLPT 2 maybe I won’t need an MA to get a job. I was planning to take JLPT 3 in December, but I’m a little… unsure. I should register for it soon though. I’m just scared of failing. It seems so hard… yet I know people who’ve completed it with no knowledge of Japanese at ALL.

I should do okay, I hope!!

I was browsing YouTube also, and the number of people on there who are fluent is rather intimidating. I feel such a loser idiot for even trying, especially at my age. Most of em on there seem to have become fluent in their late teens early twenties (a lot of them are still in that age group and those who aren’t have been living in Japan for 10 years plus). I feel so doomed.



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I’ve been neglecting this blog–and part of it is from fear and denial. I am feeling very… challenged right now with the whole concept of classes next year, plus the JLPT3, plus doing so much learning on my own. I was a little uplifted when the journal entry on lang-8 I wrote had more blue suggestions than red corrections though…

Still, I shall have to get back to this tomorrow!!!!


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I just finished working on a new grammar page for this blog. I have my first post up “Women’s Language” and will be writing another one on the use of particles later today. Hopefully this will help me since grammar is my weakest point!!

Okay! Another edit! I’ve uploaded the second grammar page “particles-「は」and「が」” and it’s now accessible from the Japanese Grammar page!


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I’ve been a bit busy these last few days–hence the lack of posting. I seem to have been busy with things for my son (play dates and so forth), work, study, and yard work.  Today it’s 8.30am and I already have two cakes baking for Father’s Day!!! (Fudge Swirl if you wanna know!!)

So, Japanese. I have printed out acres of Grammar and Kanji for the 3きゅうand I’ve also rediscovered a book I bought a long time ago that I haven’t used much. Called “A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar” it contains, as you might expect, grammar listed in dictionary form. It’s GREAT!

I’m currently using it to refine my understanding of the particle 「が」which I seem to have the most problems with. The description given is REALLY useful and has already helped a great deal. (The book uses the comparison of “a” and “the” in English. When a subject (such as “Old Man”) is introduced first in a sentence we would use “An Old Man”. Thereafter we would usually say “The Old Man”. 「が」in this way is related to “a” or “an” and 『は』to “the”.

I’m sure this book will also help with the acres of grammar I’m unfamiliar with. Everytime I think about it I get so pumped. I really want to do well in the December exam. I’ve got all these study aids, so it’s about time I utilized them all!



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I have been stressing over grammar ALL last night (and all day today). Grammar is my weakness. I find memorizing vocab and kanji relatively easy (though I aso forget a lot of them equally as quickly!) There are (I made a rough count yesterday) about 250-300 grammar points to know. I definitely know a large majority of them–but I wouldn’t say that I was “comfortable” with their use.

After an extended break from posting my  “日記ノート” on lang-8 I returned tonight. I love the idea of the site – an exchange of languages through journal postings and corrections. For example, I can post my thoughts in Japanese and have native speakers correct my grammar and vocabulary. However, sometimes I feel very defeated and discouraged. No matter how hard I try, someone always corrects something–and then someone else will come and post a completely different correction. So which is right? It’s kind of frustrating. So, I let it sleep for a couple of weeks. I’m not convinced to return on a daily basis yet.

I think I might add a page of kanji, grammar, and vocab for the level 3 to this site. I want somewhere to be able to arrange my resources and collect my data. That way, if I lose hard copies of things, I can print them out again. I was looking online at grammar books (specific to the 3 きゅう) but they’re too expensive to buy. (Of course!!) So, I’m going to try and arrange useful things here – since I know not everyone can afford that kind of stuff.


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